Webinar: start an online consumer discussion in minutes!

Smash the time it takes to organise a group of consumers into a short term online discussion.

  1. With the new “Intercept” discussion, your audience can start validating and testing your ideas within minutes.
  2. Deploy a discussion anywhere your audience hangs out.
  3. Use the new and improved survey tool to screen in people before sending them the login details.
  4. Tag important comments and discussions.
  5. Add a survey to your discussion and keep track of individual participant responses.
  6. New filtering and searching based on tags, categories and keywords.

Want to know more?

View this 9 minute online webinar to learn more about:

  • Intercept discussions
  • Show and reveal topics
  • Participant variables
  • Comment tagging
  • Enhanced reporting options
  • Academy updates

Enjoy the new features! If you have not had a chance to experience GroupQuality recently, then I invite you to register for a free trial, login and let us show you how.

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