Live Website Usability Testing Group and Interview.

What really motivates your users?

GroupQuality Online website usability testing

Engage people in a website usability testing group & understand what converts visitors into customers.


No need to insert complicated code into your website. We automatically grab capture the user metrics.



Exploratory power of real-time usability group discussions to ask the why, what and how.



Add questions and short surveys to your group sessions for more in-depth quantitative metrics.


Click tracking and mouse flow heat-maps to identify user intention and common navigation issues.

What are online website usability groups & interviews?

GroupQuality’s online website usability testing reveals how and why audiences engage with you online. It goes beyond quantitative metrics and enables you to discuss as a group, or one to one, what needs to be done to improve your websites performance. Our innovative and proven approach identifies the needs of your target audiences. It uncovers the motivating behaviour behind the online decisions people make. GroupQuality® enables you to reveal the insight and knowledge needed to improve your website’s performance and conversion rate.

Running live online website usability testing means people can take part from their homes, offices or anywhere they have access to the Internet and a web browser. Conduct one-on-one usability testing and user experience interviews. Invite a group of people to participate in a collaborative website discussion.

GroupQuality online usability interviews
GroupQuality Usability Heatmaps

Why Group Quality® real-time usability tools?

  1. No need to insert complicated code into a website.
  2. Engage feedback with hard to reach and time-challenged people.
  3. Reveal new insight into consumer motivation, how users think, and why they are thinking it.
  4. Explore user opinion through qualitative questioning and group discussion.
  5. Uncover the website roadblocks preventing consumers from achieving their goals.
  6. Time and travel savings for a business or research team.
  7. Receive real-time instant feedback on each usability task and discuss the reasons why.
  8. Comprehensive reporting includes page path, questions & chat discussions.
  9. Transcripts of the discussion are immediately available for download.
  10. Click tracking and heat-maps to identify common navigation issues.
  11. And many more…

Easy to use reporting and metrics for each participant

GroupQuality’s innovative live (real-time) website usability testing tools not only identify where your website experience is failing, but what is causing dissatisfaction and why. It does this by collecting real-time metrics and enable you to collaborate with your target audience. Real-time metrics include:

  • Chat transcripts
  • Click tracking and mouse movement heat-maps
  • Playback interview webcam video & audio
  • Individual task activity
  • Pass or Failure of usability tasks
  • Pages visited
  • Number of pages visited
  • Time on page
  • Page path taken
GroupQuality usability results

What are GroupQuality® online usability groups and interviews used for?

GroupQuality online usability testing metrics

There is no complicated software to download and it’s easy to learn and use! There are built in moderator controls to facilitate each task and the ability to launch short survey on completion of each task. Gain real-time feedback from each participant or discuss the issues as a group.

  • Website prototyping
  • Concept and design evaluation
  • Website usability testing
  • Competitor website reviews
  • Digital campaign testing
  • Online benchmarking

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