Online Chat Interview Software

When respondents just don’t want to be videoed!

GroupQuality Online one-to-one chat, video or audio interviews.

Anonymity of opinion leaders, consumers or employees using chat based interviews.


With GroupQuality’s guided online chat interview tool engage with as many individuals as you like.


Built in discussion plan controls help to get you and your interviewee up and running.


Convenient and reusable discussion plans give you point and click control over all your interviews.



Review your chat interviews, filter your chat transcripts and download question responses.

Tell me more about online interviews?

In depth online interviews have never been so easy. You can now conduct chat based interviews and display content to quickly collaborate and share ideas using videos, images, or websites on the interactive workspace.

Invite individuals to participate in a one-on-one interviews from anywhere in the world. Use the comprehensive set of tools to plan, manage and securely conduct your consumer, employee, or stakeholder interviews. There is no software to download and it’s easy to learn and use. All your interviewees have to do is login through their web browser and you are ready to go.

GroupQuality online interview

One-on-one interviews are ideal for quickly assessing and validating marketing and advertising ideas with hard to reach professionals. GroupQuality interviews enable you to focus on detailed and sensitive topics, such as those often found within the health care industry. All interviews are conducted in a secure online environment. Chat based interview transcripts are available for immediate download.

GroupQuality’s online live chat interview tool works just like our online focus group tool – so there is no need to spend time learning how to use yet another software tool. All subscription plans come with the features for the duration of your project. The moderator (interviewer) can use a discussion plan to structure the conversation and all chat is accessed online.

Conduct short interviews or choose to engage in a hour long in-depth discussion. There is no time limit placed on the length of your interview.

What are GroupQuality® online interviews used for?

GroupQuality online interview live
  • Private and secure interviews
  • Testing concepts and ideas
  • Product and service testing
  • Conducting remote in-home interviews
  • Customer co-creation and ideation
  • Conducting evaluation interviews
  • Measuring employee engagement
  • Customer user group meetings
  • Engage with hard to reach experts
  • 1-on-1 customer feedback interviews
  • Capturing individual knowledge
  • Secure brain storming sessions
  • and many more…

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