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Online focus groups to chat live with people to discover, create, share & explore ideas.


No need to juggle your schedule, organise travel, hire expensive equipment, or pay for technical support.


Stop paying for each online focus group! Conduct as many as you like with one of our subscription plans.


Create and share pages, discussion topics, surveys, questions, videos, images, text and websites.


Filter and search the results instantly or download the reports in csv (Excel) format for detailed analysis.

What are chat online focus groups?

Chat based online focus groups involve a group of people coming together in a web browser environment called the ‘workspace’ to view images, videos or just to discuss a topic. People logged in to the online focus group express their views, thoughts and opinions through live chat. It is a perfect solution to engage a group of between 6 and 12 people to get the answers you need on any topic. You might ask people if they would purchase a proposed product or service, and why! What do you need to do to improve an offer so your target market would be more likely to buy or use your service? It goes without saying, these are the types of agile conversations you should be having with your target audience on a regular basis.

chat online focus groups by GroupQuality

Looking to conduct over-time (asynchronous) online focus groups? Then take a look at GroupQuality Community Discussion Boards.

Chat online focus group provides a degree of personal anonymity where participants are highly engaged and reduced inhibition, with all participants often commenting how enjoyable the experience was. A happy participant makes moderating the online focus group an easy process, and is even easier when running chat based online focus groups with a prepared an online moderator discussion plan/ guide, which is activate with a simple click.

Reports generated are immediately available once the group has concluded. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded for detailed analysis. The comprehensive reporting tools enable you to search and download both qualitative and quantitative results right away.

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Why the GroupQuality® online focus groups?

  1. GroupQuality®is designed for both the novice and the expert researcher.
  2. All you need to take control of your own research projects is online.
  3. Shorten the time it takes from recruitment to reporting.
  4. Ability to share different forms of media (images, concepts, video).
  5. Filter chat reports by activity, participant, or search for key words.
  6. Transcripts of chat discussions are immediately available for download.
  7. Invite observers to watch the live action as the story unfolds.
  8. Reuse your focus groups and plans as often as you like.
GroupQuality Online Focus Group Process

Taking away the stress of moderating a live group.

The online focus group discussion plan is what you use to build the list activities participants have to complete in order to answer your overriding question.

Real-time online focus groups require instructional content to help participants develop ideas, discuss problems and reach a consensus. The ‘point and click’ discussion plan is used to generate group discussion, elicit opinions and explores any topic. You can test the logic and flow of the discussion plan before you begin. Your aim is to ensure the participants can complete all activities within the time allocated.

GroupQuality Online Focus Group Discussion Plan

What are GroupQuality® online focus groups used for?

GroupQuality online focus group workspace
  • Advertising & branding research
  • Website concept evaluations
  • New product evaluation
  • Customer co-creation and ideation
  • New service evaluation
  • Anonymous and sensitive conversations
  • Capturing employee feedback
  • Customer user group meetings
  • Regular expert panel reviews
  • Project group evaluation
  • Testing and validating business ideas
  • Capturing group knowledge
  • Secure brain storming sessions
  • and many more…

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