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GroupQuality All-in-one online market research software overview

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Market Research Software & Social Research Software to capture both qualitative & quantitative insights.

GroupQuality Online Community Discussion Market Research Software

Over-time Diaries and Agile Discussions

Engage with any audience & capture insights and feedback. Explore ideas, market trends or user behaviour by using a user experience diary or launching an agile insight community discussion.

GroupQuality online focus groups market research software

Real-time Chat Focus Groups and Interviews

Structured groups & interviews, for research, training or meetings, all while capturing valuable insights. Conduct live chat focus groups!

GroupQuality online web and mobile surveys market research software

Website and Mobile Compatible Surveys

Integrated professional survey tool to capture both web & mobile survey responses. Gauge business performance, customer satisfaction, or measure employee engagement.

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Market Research Software & Social Research Software Overview

Agile Community Discussions

Custom themes to style your boards Include images,
video, styled text Create & manage discussion plans
Open & private ongoing discussions
Personal or anonymous discussions
Reports available immediately
Capture chat or video responses
Collect Image-hotspot™ heat-maps
Website and mobile participation
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GroupQuality community online discussion board
Agile community discussion boards are for capturing new insight, communicate and engage with people.

Online discussions facilitate and encourage an active community involvement in the development of marketing communication, new products or just to collect feedback. It increases the speed of testing and better manages the flow of ideas. Discussion boards accelerate the time it takes to validate and test. If you want to be able to communicate better with your target audience, lower the risk of product or brand failure, or just seek community engagement then discussion boards are an essential part of your research and insights toolbox.

GroupQuality chat Online Focus Groups Market Research Software

Online Chat Focus Groups

Invite participants, observers and moderators
Show images, text, videos and websites
Create discussion guides and topics
Launch prepared chat prompts like a pro
Include quick survey questions
Private individual chat windows
Moderator’s point and click control panel
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Online chat groups have never been so easy, and a perfect solution for capturing real-time opinion and feedback.

Will your product stand out from the crowd? How can it be improved? How do consumers want to purchase your product? These are some of the questions that can be quickly asked of a group of consumers from your target audience. Identify opportunities, risks and reveal early product insights. Save time and money by using online consumer testing to reveal actionable insights about shopper intentions.

Chat real-time online interviews is one of the fastest way to get immediate feedback from your target audience.

Concept testing using traditional research methods can be a costly and slow exercise, by the time you have the insights you need it maybe too late. GroupQuality’s innovative methods in online concept validation and testing you can quickly engage with consumers in your target audience to solicit real-time feedback. Improve your ideas, test hunches and validate your assumptions.

GroupQuality Market Research Software Diary

User Experience Diary

Understand user behaviour over-time
Website prototyping feedback
Concept and design Testing
Customer journey documenting
Record product experience usage
Digital advertising testing
User expereince co-creation
Track both physical & virtual uses
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A user experience diary identifies the needs and expectations when using technology over time.

You can ask a group of people from the user audience questions and present concepts and ideas for them to provide feedback on. From the user’s point of view, it is a one on one conversation over-time with the diary organiser or moderator. You can include topics which include wireframes, images where individuals click on an image based on a set of instructions included with the image. The combination of both visual input and qualitative data in the form of comments and diary entries provides both action and behavioural feedback during development, testing and onboarding.

Website & Mobile Ready Surveys

Free with live group or discussion boards
Unlimited surveys & questions
Simple or conditional questioning
Survey branching and advance logic
Include images & videos questions
Website intercept widget
Add your logo & custom theme
Custom page redirects on completion
Integrates workflow with all tools
Mobile and web ready surveys
Access 10 million people global panel
Share real-time reporting & data
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GroupQuality website and mobile survey market research software
Online web and mobile surveys are easier with our fully integrated, intuitive and easy to use creation & launch workflow.

Not knowing what your customers are continually thinking about your products, services, websites or shopper experiences, means you could be wasting money on activities that are hurting your brand. How customers feel about your brand is reflected in how likely they are to recommend you to a colleague, friend or family member.

Worlds first live (real-time) group website testing focus group tool enables you to discuss any website with users from any target audience.

Regular testing of your website provides the metrics and real-life insights needed to identify the most effective way of engaging and converting website visitors. Online website usability groups and interviews is a method that identifies reasons why areas of a website are creating negative experiences, dissatisfaction, blocking conversions, and resulting in unrealised goals. GroupQuality’s online real-time usability groups and interviews, enables real-time discussions about a user’s experience.

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