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A pop-up insight community is an instant discussion focus group made up of a group of people from your target audience. It provides a platform from which to facilitate short-term conversational engagement to deep dive into a any topic.

A pop-up insight community typically only lasts for a few days and is made up of a between twenty and thirty people. This method requires that you focus on a particular topic rather than many different subjects. In fact, trying to create a pop-up insight community with too many topics or including more than 30 member participants would make it very difficult to pull out actionable insights in just a few days. Only having a short time of intensive engagement means that you will need to focus your attention on a particular topic. Increasing the number of topics beyond two or three central themes will definitely add to your community management and moderation resource overhead.

A pop-up insight community uses a unique method of participant recruitment. Using ISO certified panel partner and integrated recruitment screening, participants move from screening to group participation in a shorter amount of time than traditional research recruitment methods. Set up your community discussion and have it up and running within a day with the results starting to accumulate within the first 24 hours.
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Recruitment from a Facebook group or page is an option worth considering, as is recruiting participants from your in-house CRM or contact list. Using a robust recruitment process, you can quickly screen individuals for specific demographic and behavioural characteristics. The screening process works by placing the screener survey link on a Facebook page or group post and promoting the opportunity to members. Members take the screening survey with the promise of a ‘carrot’ they value. To be one of the ‘select-members’, they move through the screener process into pop-up insight community registration. If a participant doesn’t qualify (meet your requirements) or reaches your screening survey after you reach the required number of members, link to a form to gauge their interest in participating in future projects by registering for a consolation prize draw. Importantly, make sure you offer something of real value, especially those who like, share and comment on your post. You can also create an intercept screener link for your website and pull qualified people into a pop-up community and start engaging with them right away!

Why a pop-up insight community

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Unlike long-term insight communities, agile pop-up communities enable you to grab the insight you need without the high resource overheads and challenges of maintaining a long-term private branded community. It is an agile method to engage with a small group of a target market when you need to, without having to filter out biased responses generated by long-term brand community familiarity. Familiarity occurs when you have members of a community who are more than aware of a brand but see themselves as belonging to an ‘elite’ group of brand users who are actively involved in the brand’s journey. In essence, you are asking questions of members who are already users of the brand’s product and services and see other brands in a negative light. The biased that can occur with long-term branded communities also results in members seeing themselves as more competent and warmer than those who use rival brands, and this often expresses itself in ‘trash talk’ of other brands. (ref)[1]

But what about those consumers who use alternative (competing) brands or don’t want to commit to a long-term community? A pop-up insight community enables you to focus your attention on a broad range of consumers and product users, not just those who have a higher propensity to advocate a particular brand. If you need to find out the why how and when to grow your market share or learn from other markets agile pop-up communities provide target audience focus and speed of insight.

  • Pop-up insight community discussions facilitate in-depth two-way conversation not limited to a yes and no question and answer format.
  • It enables follow-up questioning, uploading of files and detailed responses, including the fast testing of images using the image-hotspot technology.
  • The discussion is private and secure, and any top secret information or insights will be kept away from the public.
  • There are no distractions from advertising, or third party message participants are often exposed to on Facebook.
  • Once you have the answers, you can close your community and use filtering tools to search and pinpoint areas in the discussion transcript to download.
  • Pop-up communities are great for getting feedback on proposed advertising, communications and copy.
  • Pop-up communities provide a platform to develop new product and service ideas. It helps to identify why competing products and services are more or less appealing.
  • Website concept or wireframe testing can easily be facilitated using a discussion around an image-hotspot heat map tasks and discussions.
  • They allow you to mix up both private one on one topics or group discussions all from the same environment.

How to maximise pop-up community participation.

Keeping up the level of participant engagement has always been the key to getting the most out of a pop-up community discussion. You only have a short time in which to get your group underway, which means you have to be very specific with your introduction and topic instructions, keeping participants’ learning curve to a minimum.

You also have a short time in which to build community trust, and you do this by first giving them a task which is easy simple and achievable. The moderator needs to make him or herself known to the group as soon as possible.  Participants need to know a real person is working with them to complete the required topics.

One of the challenges you will need to plan for is that a small number of participants will provide one-word answers. To adequately address this, first, make it clear that a minimum amount of participation is required and that short one or two-word answers will not qualify them for the incentive or reward. Low participation can be adequately mitigated if you make sure that your topic questions are open-ended and broken up by subject. However, a pop-up insight community is not a survey and if looking for yes or no answers use an integrated survey or a poll question associated with your topic.

Money talks, it may not necessarily be cash, it could be gift vouchers or a guaranteed prize, with the word ‘guaranteed’ being the operative word. If you offer a chance to win a prize, then expect the participation to be less than if you make a payment for their time. As a general rule, $1 per minute for the time a participant will spend with you online is a good rule of thumb. If you treat the activity as an investment, then the participants will also respond positively, and the result will prove its value tenfold!

GroupQuality® is a cloud based agile market research software and service that helps you capture insights with fewer resources. If you need an agile method to engage customers, employees and partners, to communicate, collaborate, ask questions and quickly capture the answers, then we can help!

[1] Thomas Hickman and James Ward (2007) ,”The Dark Side of Brand Community: Inter-Group Stereotyping, Trash Talk, and Schadenfreude”, in NA – Advances in Consumer Research Volume 34, eds. Gavan Fitzsimons and Vicki Morwitz, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 314-319.

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