Agile Australian Online Participant Recruitment Services

Quality Agile Online Participant Recruitment From *$95 per participant.

Qualitative research participant recruitment services to support your GroupQuality project.

Qualitative insight project participant recruitment

GroupQuality™ offers agile online participant recruitment services from the Australian general population for our online chat focus group and community discussion board / diary software. We teamed up with Cint Australia to make available an ISO 20252 certified panel of over 480,000+ Australian participants!

Cint Australia is an AMSRO member, and it’s award winning panel technology maintains our very own online Paid Online Focus Groups Panel of participants.


The Cint Panel is purely a research only panel (is not used for direct marketing) and employs strict quarantine periods between projects. The panel utilises GeoIP technology, fraud detection, de-duping to ensure the participants recruited for your project are who they are meant to be.

The cost of qualitative research recruitment

From as little as *$95 per participant, we can help recruit panel members for your GroupQuality online community discussion boards, GroupQuality online chat focus group or GroupQuality interview. (please note: we only offer participant recruitment services for GroupQuality software customers.)

How we manage participant recruitment costs

We can keep your recruitment costs down by setting you up with proven built-in screening and recruitment process using our innovative real-time industry leading software. Once the participants have agreed to take part in your project, they instantly join your GroupQuality discussion, pop-up community, diary or focus group.

OK, what’s the catch?

There is no catch, just an open and transparent process! You get participants joining your project from an ISO 20252 certified panel, which complies with ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA and AMSRO standards. Participants privacy is maintained by GroupQuality under the Australian privacy legislation, and all data from your project is stored in Sydney Australia –  not sent offshore. You get access to your recruitment demographics data collected.

Here’s how we manage participant recruitment:

  1. You must be using GroupQuality™ software for your project.
  2. Recruitment surveys we craft will be no longer than 5 minutes in length, and the IR rate should be above 10%. If the incidence falls below 10%, we charge an additional $15 fee for each participant. If you require quotas for specific targeting, other than basic demographic quotas, such as age, sex and location, we charge an additional $15 fee for each participant. This extra cost is because of the time to manage the database to get down to microsegment level for your specific request. This drilling down also affects the incidence rate, which is the number of people we have to go through to find those who contain the characteristic (demographics) you’re looking for in the total database population.
  3. As we will be recruiting directly into your GroupQuality™ project, you inevitably experience some dropouts or participants who do not want to complete your project. So we recommend that you always over recruit, and here is the best bit, and even with the current average over recruitment level of 30%, you will still save 40% on traditional qualitative recruitment agency costs.
  4. We charge for each participant registration, regardless if they decide to complete your project or not.
  5. We will send a single SMS reminder message for those who have agreed to participate and have provided their mobile contact number.
  6. Sometimes we get panel requests we cannot fulfil. If this is the case, we will tell you if we cannot confidently fill your order request.

So what are the costs?

Let’s get down to the numbers! We charge an initial project fee of $650 per project. This cost is to set things up for you and to manage the recruitment process for you. For the actual participant recruitment, you are charged from $95 per participant (excl GST) depending if you require quotas and how much of the database we have to contact to fulfil your request. We also charge you for the incentive payable to the participants who complete your study, as a guide incentives will be calculated at a pro-rata rate of $55 per hour per participants time.

Participant recruitment incentives

Managing participant incentives

We also handle the payment of member incentives without charging you any additional fees.

Our participant recruitment terms and conditions:

*So we can be entirely clear – please ensure you read the following summary about how we charge for agile online qualitative recruitment:

  1. We charge for recruitment based on the number of respondents who qualify after completing the 5-minute screening survey during which time they confirm by registering into your GroupQuality facilitated Discussion / Diary or Chat Focus Group.
  2. The $650 set-up and project fee is charged to each community discussion/ diary project, chat focus group or interview projects (interviews all recruited at one point in time unless otherwise negotiated).
  3. We charge based on the number who qualify and agree to participate irrespective of whether they end up fully participating. To anticipate drop-outs, we recommend over-recruiting by 20% when recruiting directly into a live online group or community, or for a scheduled and delayed on-line activity. Even with over recruitment you are still saving between 10%-30% on traditional recruitment costs.
  4. We will send a single reminder SMS message for those who have agreed to participate and have provided their mobile contact number. You will be able to use the communications tools within the GroupQuality software to send reminders and invitation emails to those participants who have registered for your project. We do not manage the communications and prompting unless you have organised for us to manage, or moderate, the research project at an additional project cost of $150 per hour.
  5. We highly recommend you keep the lines of communication open with participants as soon as they enter your project to ensure you maximise group participation and get the awesome results you get from GroupQuality’s market and social research software.
  6. We charge for each participant registration, regardless if they decide to complete your project or not.
  7. All recruitment costs must be paid to GroupQuality within five working days (7 days) of group completion to ensure we pay participant incentives promptly to ensure they stay happy. If you are unable to pay your invoice within this time, we can not manage incentive payments for you. There is nothing greater than positive word of mouth from a happy and paid up participants!
  8. We only facilitate incentive payments a pass through, we do not fund incentive payments, only facilitate the transaction, so participants will get paid once we receive the incentive funds.
  9. If you cancel your project after the recruitment process has begun, you will be required to pay the project fee and 50% of the incentive costs to any participant affected.
  10. For larger projects that incur a significant recruitment cost, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit before the recruitment process begins and this must be factored into your scheduling.
  11. We assume the IR will be above 10%, anything less than that and delivery of sample will be on a best efforts basis, and you will be charged an additional fee of $15 per participant.
  12. Quotas placed on participants other than Age, Sex and Location will be charged an additional $15 per participant.
  13. If you don’t feel confident moderating or managing your own group, then please let us know! We want your project to be a success, so let’s work together to get the insights you need!
  14. Acceptance of a quote will mean that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of recruitment.
  15. *All prices shown in this document are exclusive of GST.

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Quality Software!

GroupQuality™ is an Australian company, and all our market and social research software is hosted in Sydney Australia:

  • All our applications, media and database servers operate under a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • There is a complete separation of applications, databases, media and backup servers.
  • Your data is safe with real-time incremental database backups & daily snapshots.
  • Secure data centres utilising state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems under ISO 27001 security management.
  • Data centres are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, and access is authorised strictly on a least privileged basis.
  • All data generated by our tools belongs to you, and we operate under stringent Australian privacy law.
GroupQuality agile online market research recruitment services

Quality Panel

480,000+ Australians


  • Male: 45.12%,
  • Female: 54.88%


  • 18-22: 18.63%,
  • 23-35: 31.91%,
  • 36-55: 32.52%,
  • 56-80: 16.94%.

Quality Standard: ISO 20252


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GroupQuality price and value participant recruitment


Community Discussion 15 participants, Male / Female split, a range of ages from 18 to 55 years, have private health insurance, a mix of states in Australia.

Typical agency costs:
  • Setup fees: $650
  • Cost per participant $160
  • 15 participants = $3050

Total recruitment costs = $3050 Average recruitment time 7 to 14 days

GroupQuality cost:
  • Project and setup fee $650
  • Cost per participant $95
  • 15 participants = $1425
  • 3 participant reserves = $285

Total recruitment costs = $2,360 Average recruitment time 48 hours


Example of Incentives

  • An online chat focus group running for 90 minutes will be $80 for a participant in the form of a gift voucher.
  • An online community discussion typically running for five days requiring a total of 2 hours will need $110 incentive.

Please note: You will not need to pay incentives to those participants that drop out or decide not to participate!

Free recruitment guide

GroupQuality online market research participant recruitment guide

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