Online requirements gathering the smart way

Case Study Background

A technology development company needed an easy way of gathering user requirements from the target market for a new application, for parents with children with disabilities. The application would allow parents, carers and people with disabilities themselves to record and share information easily and securely.

The laborious process of trying to set up face-to-face user interviews was compounded by the fact these parents were short on time and were geographically dispersed. Any contributions they could make to the requirements gathering process would need to be done on an ad-hoc bases, at different times throughout the day and late into the evening.

As a solution the development company chose GroupQuality software as the tool to help in the requirements gathering process, and to gain insight into the challenges facing these parents who would ultimately be end users of the software. They were also of the opinion that the parents were more likely to share information if it could be done in a secure and anonymous discussion environment.


The development company already had brief from their client, but they needed to verify their needs and identify the pain points for end users. They needed to understand where the focus of the application would be for the end user and how the workflow could be designed to deliver the best outcome.

A dozen parents were invited to participate in a requirements gathering exercise using GroupQuality’s private and secure discussion board software. The discussion occurred over a week with four main topics covered:

  1. Understanding people’s lives and backgrounds
  2. Current challenges
  3. Making it easy
  4. Managing information

Parents were able to comfortably share their stories, and provide the insight needed to truly understand how the proposed application would improve their lives.

As the need was clearly defined, the discussion moved to how a technology enabled solution could assist with some of the end users key challenges, and what the limitations of this technology might be. When they could use it and under what circumstances they would never use it.

KNowMe case study

The result

The development company was able to really understand the needs of the end user and was able to collect the information needed to assist with the application development at a fraction of the cost of attending face-to face meetings. They also felt that that due to anonymity of the process the results were more revealing. The development company was able to provide this feedback to their client and ensure that all the stakeholders were on the same page.

The end product

The final application built allows parents, carers and people with disabilities themselves to record and share information with new and existing carers or supporters.

It was a perfect solution for sharing important information, so parents and carers did not have to repeat sensitive information over and over again, and it ensured all relevant people received updates, as they were needed.


Parents can choose what is shared, and allow access to other people who provide care or support for their child, and even let them update pages in some circumstances.

  • It’s fast, it’s personal, it’s easy and, most importantly, it’s private.
  • Record important information about a person living with disability.
  • Focus on their strengths.
  • Personalise the pages.
  • Even print out pages as a book.

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