Agile Community Discussion Board Update 2016

Since we released GroupQuality in Australia over three years ago, we have been listening to the needs of customers, and growing demands of a connected  business. The GroupQuality team looked very carefully at how we could add value through the implementation of new agile insight tools.

GroupQuality Discussion Board Update

It has been our goal to make sure we not only deliver useful insight software but develop market and social research tools geared to the Australasian market.

The GroupQuality team has been very busy this year making a long list of changes and updates to the GroupQuality Discussion board tool. The list of updates are below.

What’s included in this update?

  1. We spent many late nights rebuilding the core of the GroupQuality discussion board software to improve performance and put in the foundations for future expansion.
  2. We updated the discussion board dashboard to give more screen space to display the latest comments across all active discussion boards.
  3. New content creation and edit tools have been added for both the introduction and topic creation areas.Discussion Board Content Creation Tools
  4. Added the new simplified content tools for comments, replies and moderator notes.
  5. Created a new Moderator view which includes the ability to jump between multiple discussion boards using a single login on both desktop and mobile versions.Discussion Board Moderators Control
  6. Added the ability for the Moderator to now search and filter the discussion board transcripts – desktop version only.
  7. New Administration control options to enable and disable the ability for the Moderator to view and manage the discussion board participants – desktop version only.
  8. New Administrator and Moderators view of the discussion board work space to view additional information added to the Source ID field, and being able to see the participant’s identity during anonymous boards.
  9. Drum role…..And it’s finally here – thank you for your patience – the ability for a discussion board participants, Moderators, and Observers to reset their password in both desktop and mobile views.GroupQuality Discussion Board Login
  10. Changed the names of files uploaded to the boards to include board additional information to enable us to offer a “fee for service” bulk image and file download service, contact us for a quote.
  11. Added common stop words from displaying in the report word cloud reports improving meaning and frequency display.
  12. Added a new feature where Administrators and Moderators can now edit stop words for the word cloud filtering report.
    GroupQuaility online discussion board world cloud filtering tool
  13. Fixed an issue with the option enabling participants to select to hide topics from view. When there were more than four (4) topics, the rest of the topics was cut off the end of the topic selection window making it impossible to save the setting.
  14. Fixed a few typos.
  15. Fixed an issue where extra email reply alerts sent to all moderators on the same board.

PLUS. A new update surprise feature coming October 2016!


GroupQuality® is a cloud based agile insights software and service that helps you capture insights with fewer resources in less time. If you need an agile method to engage customers, employees and partners, to communicate, collaborate, ask questions and quickly capture the answers, then we can help you!

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