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Faster, Cheaper, Better – yes, you can have them all!

Faster, Cheaper, Better – yes, you can have them all! There are a few articles flying around that state for a product or service you have three fundamental options: Fast, Good and Cheap, but you can ever only choose two? When I first saw this, I thought, yep that’s... read more

User Experience issues in online market research

Do you collect feedback or customer insights? Did you test the online data collection experience first? Failing to check how your online market or social research set-up works with your target audience is likely to result in participant frustration and poor data collection. For those conducting their online surveys... read more

5 steps to chat-based online focus groups success

Conducting a face to face, traditional style, focus group requires careful preparation to ensure the ninety-minutes spent with the panel of people is not wasted. Tasks such as checking your audio and video and making sure the refreshments are ready to be served.  You have people arriving in the... read more

7 recruitment tips for online qualitative research

Free participant recruitment Guide! The key to successful people recruitment for online qualitative research projects begins with the first contact. Being able to clearly articulate what you expect of participants and how you will reward them. Recruiting for online research is different from traditional recruitment methods and requires an... read more

Ten tips for online qualitative research discussions

OK, so you think you are ready for your online market or social research community discussion? You’re full of nervous anticipation, and you are excited about what’s coming next. Your expectations are high, and you have relied on your knowledge and experience to get you to this far. There... read more

How to invite customers to an Agile Insights Micro Community

We often get asked: “What is the best way to invite a particular audience to a 3 day agile online insights community discussion…”, it depends! …on the kind of micro community group you are running, but here is one process that works pretty much all the time. When you... read more

Agile research method – user experience diary

Obtaining real customer experience insights and not just making assumptions based on secondary (analytics data) is absolutely critical before finalising your concepts and requirements. There is no substitute for talking to real people about what you are proposing before investing real money in App or Website development. This article... read more

Agile testing of product and service ideas

“Test your ideas early and test them often!” a statement applied to both physical and digital products and services. When developing an idea into a product or service, it is far better to start testing at inception than wait until the horse has bolted. An idea evolved using co-creation,... read more

Online surveys & discussions work hand in hand!

An online survey doesn’t always give you the depth of insight you might get from sitting down and having a two-way conversation with a person from your target audience. There is no doubt that online surveys are an easy way of facilitating a one-way question and answer session with... read more

Ultimate moderator’s guide: online focus groups.

There are typically two forms of real-time (live) online focus groups: the popular text chat online focus group and the video and audio online focus groups. Chat or text based online focus groups are a great way to start realising the benefits of using online focus groups. they are... read more

Text-Based Qualitative Data to Understand the Voice of the Customer

The “voice of the customer” (sometimes abbreviated as VoC) is a vital measurement for any marketing, sales or customer service activity. Without it you really have no idea if you are driving the business in the right direction. Qualitative data from customer conversations is a goldmine of insight waiting... read more
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