Improving Employee Engagement
Through Research & Insight.

Easy and effective workforce research tools with the added benefit of putting all the insights and knowledge at your fingertips.

Employee engagement & insights

GroupQuality’s agile insight tools helps you create an environment where you can engage with employees, candidates and stakeholders. From idea generation to training, evaluation and candidate screening, we provide you with the flexibility and control to quickly engage a team or individual. Our agile method of engagement captures insights during the interaction with employees in open or private (anonymous) discussions, live group or individual interviews and instant survey responses.

How we enable engagement

Create secure online automated discussions and invite a team. Invite a group or individuals to a private discussion to engage with you to reveal a depth of understanding and insight only available from online interactions. Live groups enable you to conduct team training and skills evaluation. Conduct secure exit interviews in chat or webcam format. Screen potential candidates with an automated video and audio interview. Create simple or complex surveys and share the results instantly.


Reduced Resources


Improved Participation


Greater Insight

Auto Engagement

Face to face discussions and interviews can be resource intensive but with agile auto-discussions and self-service interviews it is can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Real-Time Engagement

Engage with an individual or group of people over secure chat or video & audio. Share content, media or simply structure a question and answer session.

Measure Engagement

Creating and deploying web and mobile online surveys can be laborious for employees and stakeholders to complete. Creating interesting surveys and sharing results often is now even easier.

Flexibility & control


Engage with hard to reach and time-challenged teams.

Save time

No meetings as people engage from their home or office.


Share media including images, documents, video, websites.

Instant reports

Instant chat discussion transcripts, or video & audio recordings.

We offer two levels of service.


You can choose to use the tools and do it yourself with the support of our experienced and expert team of software insight and Knowledge experts.

Full service

You can engage GroupQuality consulting or one of our expert resellers to work with you to develop and manage your projects on your behalf.