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GroupQuality Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis & Reputation Monitoring

Keep track of what you customers are saying about your brand or organisation. Identify danger signals and keep on top of your reputation. Sentiment analysis of textual data providing hidden performance insight, what people want or think about you!

Geographic & demographic segmentation analysis

Define you target audience within specific regions and identify common behavioural and purchase characteristics by population regions. Geodemographic profiling and layering to identify segments to target based on shared behaviour & characteristics.
GroupQuality Website Data Analytics

Social media, web analytics & dashboard reporting

Analyse & visualise media traffic and web analytics using online dashboards and real-time analysis of your social media reach. Website analytics dashboard reporting to keep an eye on your digital channels and customer touch points.

Identifying trends in marketing attribution

Identifying the trends behind the numbers and tailor the customer’s journey to improve efficiency and better targeting of your marketing. Attribution analysis and predictive insights based on past behaviour to help better target your strategy and budget.

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Data Analytics is interactive, visible and tailored

Layered data analytics to understand the influence of proximity, location and demographics.

Third party data analytics sources can provide greater depth of understanding, insights & predictability.

Flexibility to respond to changes in the data analytics model to address strategy, goals and business focus.

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Case Study: Sentiment Text Analysis

Case Study: Sentiment Text Analysis

The client “TasNetworks is a Tasmanian state-owned corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and businesses through a network of transmission towers, substations and powerlines.” The objective To uncover the sentiment and topic clustering hidden within the verbatim responses collected by the monthly ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Ease...

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