Customer Feedback Tracking

Measuring your business performance.


We can capture survey responses from your website and push customers to a product or service discussion.


We can harvest customers from your social media channels and get them to complete a targeted survey.


We can integrate surveys into customer touch-points to build a better picture of product, service and brand experience.

We track customer sentiment and feedback over-time.

Until now online customer feedback has been restricted to online surveys.

Limitations placed on customer feedback methods means that insights are obtained by measuring responses to a set of predefined and often off-the-shelf satisfaction questions. These are the questions everyone else thinks you need to ask, but are not the questions your customer want you to ask.

To understand the what you are doing right and where you are going wrong you need to get the full picture and to do this you first need to involve customers in the development of your feedback process.

Today the investment you make in building a stronger customer relationship is only realised if you invite customers to help you improve and transform of your products and services.

Influencing the customer buying decision and developing customer loyalty requires a greater level business transparency and customer participation. We help you first understanding what is important to your customers before developing a plan to track customer sentiment and satisfaction.

We help you identify weaknesses across touch-points in the customer journey.

Where aren’t they buying from you? Why are they buying more from your competitor? What motivates the customer to make a change at a point in time? If the customer needs to you to lift your game – where do you start?

Experts in using technology and insight innovation to:
  • Work with you and your customers to develop a meaningful and responsive customer feedback process.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and experiences across the whole customer journey.
  • Identify customer advocates and regularly engage with them to improve touch-point experiences.
  • Extract keywords, customer language and online buying triggers to feedback into your marketing activity.
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Some of our work!

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Case Study: Energy industry agile community

The client: “TasNetworks commenced operations on 1 July 2014. It has been formed by a merger between Aurora Energy’s distribution network (the poles and wires) and Transend Networks (the big towers and lines). TasNetworks is a Tasmanian state-owned corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and... read more

Insights from online discussion board saves direct mail campaign

Traditional face-to-face focus groups are regularly used to test creative and direct mail collateral before they are sent for pilot testing. But there is now a faster and more cost effective way of testing marketing collateral without losing any of the quality. A more insightful way of thoroughly testing... read more

Online requirements gathering the smart way

Case Study Background A technology development company needed an easy way of gathering user requirements from the target market for a new application, for parents with children with disabilities. The application would allow parents, carers and people with disabilities themselves to record and share information easily and securely. The... read more