Customer experience and energy product agile insights

GroupQuality was contracted by a data-driven creative agency to use its leading agile online customer experience community discussion to track the customer on-boarding, usage and effectiveness of an energy prepayment product.
The research project aimed to obtain direct feedback from a sample of customers and walk in their shoes as they experienced the product for the first time before the market roll-out.

The project needed to identify the technical and user experience issues and process risks with the roll-out of the new mobile-enabled product. (Risks could include app issues, communication issues, hardware roll out issues.)
Critically the project needed to monitor the customer journey and experience to understand the resource demands for product on-boarding, communication and ongoing support.

Any insights captured from the feedback and structured questioning would be used to improve the product features, the process and the day to day usage.

GroupQuality Discussion Boards

Target market

  • Based on the initial brief, we recommended one online over-time seven to eight-week GroupQuality agile community discussion board across the different targets:
  • Location of the customer group to be Tasmania, Australia.
  • Current customers who already have the old energy product installed in their home are being transitioned to a new prepayment new energy product.
  • A targeted representative sample of the target audience.
  • Age and gender split across the sample.
  • Total customer engagement 12


To meet your objectives for the project, we proposed the following:

  1. Eight-week discussion to track the customer experience from pre-invitation to day to day product usage.
  2. A GroupQuality moderated online discussion to track, monitor and listen to the customers’ experiences.
  3. At each stage of the customer journey, many topics were posted for discussion to measure specifics about the product information provided, and feedback about signup, payment and ongoing electricity monitoring.
  4. Collection of both text and visual responses based on planned check-in points two to three times a week over the eight weeks. Each checkpoint designed to gain an understanding of the customers understanding, attitude and usability of the technology and product experience.
  5. Testing of collateral and information literature was possible by uploading to specific topics for discussion.
  6. The discussion could be accessed on any device at any time and required access to the internet.

Project Outcomes

The project was a success, and the participants were kept highly engaged during the process and pro-actively contributed to the discussion several times a week. The answers provided to the discussion questions were detailed and well thought through.

The client was updated at all times during the process and could log in at any time and observer the conversations as they grew.
During the eight-week project, the client was able to log in and observe the conversation and identify issues with the on-boarding process and provide solutions to any of the information gaps.

GroupQuality was able to reveal and confirm issues as seen from the customers’ point of view and several occasions, which resulted in high levels of anxiety and friction.

The prepayment energy product was adequately tested, and detailed feedback was gained about what works well and where possible improvements could be made to reduce customer frustration and the reliance on customer support to plug the information gaps.

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