How to capture customer feedback & marketing insights on smaller budgets

Hoping customers’ will find you amongst a mass of marketing clutter?

Unfortunately, the majority of online marketing is devised and delivered using gut feel and the best guess approach. Large companies can minimise their risk by allocating large budgets and resources to commission an ongoing program of market and advertising research. This investment takes removes the marketing guess work, reducing the potential for an adverse return on the marketing investment. Marketers within these organisations benefit by being able to access current and relevant customer feedback, opinion and purchase intention. This first-hand information is used to formulate a cut-through sales and marketing campaign. This marketing power apparently gives those organisations a competitive edge!

agile market research and insights on smaller budgets

What about those mid to small sized businesses who don’t have the budgets to conduct any customer research, never mind ongoing customer research? But would undoubtedly benefit from the same degree of consumer engagement and questioning. It would certainly put them on a level playing field and even enable them to find a market niche in which to compete better. With advances in available online technology and the accelerated adoption of online social media, the solution for small to medium sized businesses in now closer than you think. Agile online market research now delivers actionable insights without blowing the whole marketing budget on one project! Typically online agile market research will save you about 30% to 50% on the cost of running traditional face to face research.

Three important questions to consider:

  1. Is there a better way to find out what customers really want?
  2. What makes one customer choose you and another go to your competitor?
  3. How do you improve your marketing ROI, validate new ideas and test products or services?

Using agile market research methods, you can quickly talk to customers in a secure online environment to capture the insights you need to support your daily marketing and sales decisions. And you can realistically achieve this without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars. Online Agile market research software utilises online consumer engagement and social collaboration to access regular top-line customer feedback and insights; actionable data used to power the sales and marketing effort. Typically actionable insights can be delivered to you within 5 working days.

With the advances in online agile market research and self-service insights software, you access the same tools employed by the big end of town without having to write a business case and increases your marketing budget. Engaging customers online means it happens in a place and at a time convenient for you and them. Online agile market research and customer insights have many benefits and here are just a few:

  • Capture immediate feedback from hard to reach and time-challenged participants.
  • Reduces the need to travel and allow customers to provide feedback from the comfort of their own home or office.
  • Provides customers with degrees of anonymity to provide feedback honestly and openly without the fear of retribution.
  • Enables you to quickly test and validate websites, online marketing, advertising, designs, concepts & brand opinion.
  • Ability to share and test different forms of media (images, concepts, video, websites).
  • Run live online video sessions with a few of your key staff and share products and service ideas.
  • View or download all the captured data and act upon it immediately.

Here are some of the key tools and servcies which will help you gain access to game-changing customer data:

Online Community Discussion Board

Online Live (real-time) Focus Groups

Agile Market Research full services on a budget

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