This is a Live (Real-Time) group computer compatibility test.

Website browsers supported: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+.
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Operating system required: Windows 7+, Mac 10.5+
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Internet connection speed required:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are particpating in a video & audio interview or group you must have a minimum upload speed of 500kbs.
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ADSL2+ using a reliable internet connection.
4G Connection (excluding phone tethering).

Recommended speeds: Minumum download 2mbs, Minimum upload 500kbs.
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PLEASE NOTE: Live (real-time) groups is not recommended for iPads, Andriod or Windows touch tablets.
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A GREEN Pass across all tests means you are OK. If you have a RED Fail please follow the instructions & inform the group organiser. Or contact

Test Result Meets requirements
Browser unknown 0 Fail PC users please install the latest version of Google Chrome
Operating system Unknown Fail
Screen resolution

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Corporate Firewalls/Anit-Virus/Proxies

Some corporate IT environments include intermediary software such as AntiSpam, Firewall and Proxy software which may interfere with live (real-time) internet applications.

If your organisation's IT infastructure uses internet filtering software and you have previously experienced internet browsing issues with blocked content, or lost connections, we highly recommend that you either speak to your IT support department and request an "exception for the domain and all subdomains, to enable biodirectional polling".

Or if in doubt login to your group using a MAC or PC outside of your organisation's internet browsing environment.


To ensure the group runs smoothly, please ensure you meet these minimum requirements.

Feature Requirements
Internet connection ADSL+ (chat groups),
ADSL2+ (webcam groups) reliable connection with a minimum upload speed of 500kbs,
4G connection.

Please note: 3G & mobile tethering is not supported.
Hardware required Windows:
  • PC or Laptop

  • Mac or MacBook

NOT SUPPORTED (Do not use!)
  • iPads, Andriod or Windows touch tablets
Operating systems Windows PC or Laptop:
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7+

Mac or MacBook:
  • OSX 10.5 +
Website browsers supported Windows PC or Laptop:
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox 20+
  • Safari 8+

Mac or MacBook:
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox 20+
  • Safari 8+
Browser settings
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Adobe Flash 15+ (for Video)
Recommended minimum resolution 1200x700