Agile Online User Experience & Customer Experience Research.

User Expereince and Customer Experience Research Consulting Services to identify human behavour and CX design insights.

User Experience & Customer Experience Research

Needs Discovery

GroupQuality® uses both real-time and over-time methods of remote questioning target users to identify and document needs, wants and likely behaviour. We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to capture user input on predefined digital objectives. The results from these sessions are then used to feed into evidence based and user validated requirements. More…

Ideation Design

Agile ideation uses quality assured and crowd sourced users from demographically defined segments to help create, refine and validate user facing digital services. Ideation has its origins in design thinking and is a process of end user involvement in the creation of user facing digital assets. It provides insights needed to make timely decisions about the form and function of digital services. More…

Usability Behaviour

GroupQuality® online website usability behaviour research goes beyond quantitative metrics and enables you to discuss in groups, or one on one, to understand the issues that need to be addressed to better design a user centred solution. Our innovative technology and proven approach identifies the needs of a user and uncovers the motivation behaviour behind the decisions people make. More…

Importance of Agile Research

This is the age of digital experiences and is being driven by the demand for better customer-centric experiences. By implementing our online insight software and agile research methodology we capture iterative user and consumer insights. With these insights you can ensure your digital assets and services are putting the user experience at the centre of all design, development and distribution decisions.

Why Agile User Research?

Traditional methods of capturing user needs and requirements can cost a project time. The constant squeezing of development budgets is driving the need for a more cost effective method of capturing real-time user insights.The ever-increasing demand to ensure digital products and services are supported by user insights requires an iterative approach to user research.

Online Agile User Experience And Customer Experience Research Software

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Agile user ideation for design input

Key benefits:

  • Ideas generated by users’ better mirror needs of the users.
  • People’s needs are complex, emotionally drive and not identified through traditional data capture methods.
  • Products, services and processes which are created by users have a higher propensity to be valued and used by them.
  • Improve the level of adoption amongst like users.
  • Improve product quality by addressing the needs directly rather than using a best guess approach and fixing features after they have been released.
  • There is an increased acceptance amongst users of a digital solution when it is designed, developed and validated by the intended users of that solution.
Agile user ideation for design input
Agile Requirements Gathering


Agile User Needs Discovery

Key benefits:

  • Target geographically dispersed users in short sessions to understand need and motivation.
  • Easier to engage with the end users through remote cycles over a shorter period of time.
  • Reduces the cost for the organisation in terms of time, effort and missed opportunity.
  • Increase in productivity realised through time and resource efficiency.
  • Products and services are developed to meet user needs resulting in a higher level of satisfaction and realised return on investment.


Customer Journey Mapping

Key benefits:

  • I identify how customers behave at each decision point in the customer’s journey, and better align your marketing and user experience budget to facilitate a customer transition from discovery to conversion.
  • Understand how customer segments interact with each of your touch-points throughout the decision making process. Spend the time and resources on those assets and services that make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Build a clear picture of your customers using activity based personas. Help everyone in the organisation stay on the same page. Ensure everyone understands how actions and day to day activity effects the customer’s experience.
Customer Journey Mapping

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User Experience & Customer Experience Case Studies

Agile online market research revitalises a brand

Background: The client has been successfully operating in the home loan broking industry for over 2 decades. Due to shifts in the industry, they were looking to increase their market-share in more profitable markets, however, there were concerns that opportunities were being held back due to the current perceived...

VET & workforce real-time online focus groups

Background: A government relations, marketing and advertising consultancy who had been engaged to provide strategic communication advice, key message development and copywriting services for their client with a specific education and training public initiative. Our client was responsible for communicating to stakeholders about national changes to the VET system...

Getting healthy online discussion board focus groups

Background: Online market research was chosen to support important strategic communication advice, key message development and copy writing services for a government-sponsored health initiative called “Get-Healthy”. Online market research was chosen because of its affordability, agility and convenience. The Get Healthy Service provides information and ongoing health coaching support...

Online discussion board & online focus groups

An advertising agency and a state University needed to conduct online research to gauge the underlying emotions and motivations behind the student decision making process when choosing a university. The objectives of this research were to capture and understand the reactions to the current university advertising campaign, and to...