Agile User Experience Consulting

With digital transformation now a priority for most businesses, usability insights are essential in understanding how your digital assets can better facilitate the customer journey.

Usability (or user experience) testing and measurement can be done at any stage of a website’s life-cycle. It helps you determine which digital touch points are working and ensures your customers can find the information they are looking for and transact with you easily, effectively and satisfactorily.

Why Agile Usability?

Agile usability testing is an an ongoing iterative process to ensure the digital investment is still effective in an environment where customers determine the standard for performance and the benchmark for customer satisfaction. As customer expectations change website content and your digital touch points need to keep pace. Consumers will no longer tolerate poor or less than optimal website experiences. The ability for them to switch brands, products or services has never been easier.

Using agile usability methods

Using agile qualitative and quantitative methods GroupQuality’s usability focus group testing evaluates how easy it is for customers to use your website and achieve their goals. The online agile methods developed by GroupQuality uses online user experience interviews, diaries and groups to evaluate functionality, language, design and structure! Our live and moderated usability methods reveals the motivation behind user behaviour and identifies the driving needs of your target markets.



How long does it take people to complete basic task? Do they become frustrated? (For example, find information, complete an online form.)



How many mistakes do people make? Were people able to recover based on the website’s intuitive layout, structure and information?


How much does the person remember afterward, What do they remember the most? did they leave with a lasting positive impression?


How does the user feel after they have completed the task? (Are they satisfied, stressed, confident? Does it build trust and credibility?

GroupQuality User Experience Insights & Consulting

Agile usability testing groups

GroupQuality offers a unique method of usability focus group testing. Using our proprietary software, and proven methods, we conduct agile online moderated usability focus groups. Each participant joins a live or over-time discussion group, completing a set of defined tasks and questions. Once completed, the moderator who is conducting the group brings the everyone together. This is done in either in a live chat session or online community group to talk about the experiences and to identify the why, what and how of critical roadblocks.

This methodology enables the capture of high quality quantitative and qualitative insights at a fraction of the cost of running traditional one on one usability interviews or tests. GroupQuality’s agile online methodology allows for co-creation of digital solutions and testing of options with a greater number of participants in a shorter period of time.


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