Agile Customer Co-Creation.

Agile co-creation as a service facilitates the engagement of customers online with your brand to develop, define and validate ideas.

What is Co-creation?

With its origins in design thinking, GroupQuality’s agile co-creation as a service is strongly aligned with customer centricity and customer experience methods. It is a process where by we put the customer at the centre of the product and service development. A process which is facilitated by our own innovative and secure online software and proprietary service.

Co-creation in practice

Consumers more than ever are willing to share ideas about goods, services and processes that fulfill their needs, solve their problems, and do a better job than solutions currently available. This process is called co-creation and is where consumers collaborate with an organisation on new product or service development by actively sharing ideas and experiences.

How does GroupQuality’s Agile Co-Creation work?

GroupQuality Co-creation as a service

The Creation of good ideas!

Involving the customer in the development of your products or services is one way of ensuring bad ideas don’t become commercial failures and good ideas have a greater potential for commercial success. By using both GroupQuality agile real-time and overt-time qualitative discussion and collaboration tools we are able to reduce the time it takes to create and validate ideas through to product and service delivery. Ensuring you can deliver timely products which meet the needs of your target market.

Return on your investment!

  1. GroupQuality co-creation as a service reduces the costs associated with traditional market research methods.
  2. Cost savings by shortening the development time and effort to get a brand, product or service to market.
  3. Increases speed of product and services adoption with a closer fit for the needs of the target audience.
  4. Savings on marketing expenses as a result of greater consumer enthusiasm and word of mouth promotion!
  5. Increase the speed in which you can validated and differentiate from alternative brands, products and services.
  6. Savings realised by a reduction of consumer frustration and market education.

The value of co-creation


Consumer needs

Ideas generated by consumers better mirror consumer needs.

Brand success

Strengthen the relationship between the customer and your brand.

Reduce risk

Identify early warning signals before committing big investment $$$.

Stakeholder collaboration

Collaborative opportunities for input from employees and suppliers.

How we co-create with you and your target market.

  1. We work with you to define the objectives of your co-creation exercise.
  2. We work with you to develop a co-creation discussion plan with a number of product and service propositions.
  3. We get customers to cycle through the co-creation plan based on the number of iterations required.
  4. We crowd source people from our quality assured online panels based on your target audience requirements.
  5. Consumers are recruited directly into co-creation projects where we initiate your plan.
  6. We analyse the results and deliver you the data or develop a summary report based on your reporting needs.

We offer two levels of service.

Do-it-yourself & Support

You can choose to use the tools and do it yourself with the support of our experienced and expert team of software insight and Knowledge experts.

Full Service Consulting

You can engage GroupQuality consulting to work with you to develop an agile process of insight delivery and we manage the project on your behalf.