Agile Advertising Testing and Validation

Insights to build the picture.

Agile Advertising testing and validation service to ensure you hit the mark!

GroupQuality Advertising Testing Thorugh Social Engagement


Start engaging your target audience, from consumers, partners to stakeholders. Quickly identify reactions & feedback!

GroupQuality Advertising Testing

Ad Testing

Pretest and refine advertising concepts. Test copy and consumer interpretation. Test packaging and product designs.

Idea Validation

Validate product and service ideas using customer co-creation & collaboration without interrupting critical timelines.

GroupQuality online advertising and copy testing enables you to quickly test and validate the language and intention of your campaign before you or your client invest the marketing dollars

Whether you are looking to validate an online or offline advertising campaign, using real-time online methods can provide you with a degree of consumer collaboration and co-creation which would be otherwise slow, time consuming and costly.

How is online advertising testing and validation done?

Online advertising testing can take several forms from agile insight communities to real-time chat based focus groups and online interviews. Each of these methods facilitated by GroupQuality will ensure that what is delivered is backed up by rigorous audience testing with real people from your target market.

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What you don’t know:
Will this ad be noticed? How will it be received by the target audience? Will it have the desired effect? Are we speaking the right language? Do people understand the message? Does the ad motivate the consumer?

Avoid costly guess work and last minute correction

GroupQuality online advertising testing with a live sample of your target audience is a fast and effective method of capturing feedback on the initial impact of your creative and a clear indication if the copy is understood and hitting its mark – is the copy consistent with the language used by your target audience.

Advertising testing live chat or over-time discussion group

  • Initial phone or Skype briefing
  • 30 minute chat discussion guide*
  • 1 revisions of your discussion guide
  • Hosting and project management
  • 8 participants (general pop**)
  • 60 minute professional chat moderation
  • Participant incentives paid and managed
  • All transcripts & data in excel spreadsheet
  • 30 minute phone or Skype debrief
  • Completion time 4 business days

* 30 minute discussion guide is approximately 6 questions.

** General population only specific requirements and B2B may increase the per survey completion cost

^ Price includes additional groups for the same project, using the same discussion guide


Some of our work!

Case Study: Energy industry agile community

The client: “TasNetworks commenced operations on 1 July 2014. It has been formed by a merger between Aurora Energy’s distribution network (the poles and wires) and Transend Networks (the big towers and lines). TasNetworks is a Tasmanian state-owned corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and... read more

Insights from online discussion board saves direct mail campaign

Traditional face-to-face focus groups are regularly used to test creative and direct mail collateral before they are sent for pilot testing. But there is now a faster and more cost effective way of testing marketing collateral without losing any of the quality. A more insightful way of thoroughly testing... read more

Online requirements gathering the smart way

Case Study Background A technology development company needed an easy way of gathering user requirements from the target market for a new application, for parents with children with disabilities. The application would allow parents, carers and people with disabilities themselves to record and share information easily and securely. The... read more

Hybrid website prototyping improves online banking

Background MyState Limited (MYS), a non-operating holding Company, is a diversified financial services group listed on the ASX and provides a broad range of financial services through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, MyState Financial (MSF), an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI) and Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees (TPT), a trustee and wealth management company.... read more

Case study – Airport website usability focus group

Online website usability testing objective: A new Airport website varied greatly from the existing website in both content and layout so usability testing was essential to ensure that the new design and presentation was intuitive and user-friendly. Testing focus included: content readability, navigation, widgets and tools, meanings of titles... read more