At GroupQuality® our goal is to facilitate the capture and analysis of collective insights.

Our story

We began life as an Australian online marketing consultancy specialising in online consumer behaviour research and online digital marketing. We wanted to expand and we wanted to expand our geographical reach. To do this we needed a set of agile tools that enabled us to capture real-time and structured online insight from anywhere, at any-time, and it had to be quick, easy and accurate. To support this we needed an agile process with which to offer agile market and social research services without the cost associated with traditional research methods.

We discovered that most of the good online market research and data collection tools and processes, were expensive and time consuming, requiring a PHD to use. We just wanted a set of easy to use, comprehensive, flexible and agile online market research and data collection tools. So we came up with the idea of building our own. Simple, right? Well, it turned out to be a bigger commitment than we anticipated, in fact, it changed our whole business model.

If we were going to do this, then why not build something that could empower other businesses, consultants and organisations to do the same. Others were being asked to purchase a car when all they really needed was a bicycle. Fast forward a few years, using our own expertise in software development, user experience consulting and consumer behaviour research we set about creating a set of online insights tools that added real value for our clients. Either directly as a subscriber of our tools or as a client of our consulting services.

First we started testing and verifying the tools and processes with client insight projects. Then working tirelessly with the tools and processes to make sure they were user-friendly, scalable and as useful for the marketing novice as they were for a professional researcher.

GroupQuality® is a well and truly on a journey and with a growing number of very happy customers we are helping to shape the way businesses, organisations and individuals capture feedback, actionable insights and discover new knowledge!

We now offer specialised consulting services to support our processes.

  • Our Vision is to empower others by capturing insights and sharing knowledge;
  • Our Purpose is to create the world’s most accessible insights as a service;
  • Our Goal is to make GroupQuality® your go-to place for insight expertise.

We welcome any customer feedback which will help us meet our goal and continually improve the tools, processes and methodologies to help capture, share and apply new knowledge.

GroupQuality Directors

Steven Mallows

Steven Mallows

CEO (Director)

Steven Mallows has over 20 years experience in marketing, online insight and information technology. He has developed a unique and intuitive understanding of online insight product design and global insight space. He particularly likes to keep a close eye on industry trends, improvements in knowledge capture and marketing and social research. Steven holds a Degree in Marketing, a Post Graduate Certificate in Computing and a Master’s degree in eCommerce. His key areas of interest are online community engagement, online market research, business innovation, product development, and business process improvement facilitated by online saas technology. Steven is also a Full Member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society.

Nathan Bevin

Nathan Bevin


Nathan Bevin has over 16 years of experience in software testing consultation, with many of those years combining senior management roles within the companies he has represented. Nathan has worked across a large number of clients and sectors through his consulting work and enjoys the ever-changing challenges that new projects and technologies present. Nathan is the Managing Director of his own software testing and IT consultancy company Knight Errant, based in Hobart and in operation for over 9 years. Nathan continues to mix his management role with hands on consulting roles working alongside his team of consultants to assist clients with their software development projects.
Tom Mitchell-Taverner

Tom Mitchell-Taverner

Business Advisor

Tom embarked on a change in career in 2006 when he returned from London and joined the family business, Taverner Research, as Development Manager. At Taverner he also headed up the joint-venture subsidiary Thermometer Surveys, a syndicated study of public opinion in relation to climate change. When the opportunity came along to bring Cint to Australia in 2009, it was an ideal launching pad into the world of online research. Tom is now Director of Cint Australia Pty Limited, a joint venture company in partnership with Cint AB in Sweden. Tom is currently an Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) committee member, and Chair of the AMSRS Online Service Group.

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