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GroupQuality Online Research Community Discussion Board

Invite people to a secure online insight community discussion for feedback, co-create, discover.

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GroupQuality instant community discussion boards reduces the time from deployment to reporting.



Highly flexible and engaging community based communication and qualitative data capture tool.



Perfect for revealing hidden gems of actionable insights by understanding consumer opinion and sentiment.



Identify new opportunities, new ideas and make better informed decisions based on real people insights.

What are agile online community discussion boards?

Agile online discussions are pop-up communities that are quick to get up and running and occur in a secure environment where screened participants login and post comments in response to topics of discussion. Discussion topics may include question, polls, images, website links or videos. Ask participants to share their opinions in text, image and video format. Participants can upload their own videos, or recording video comments within the discussion board itself. Online discussions can be designated public or private. Participants are notified when a new discussion topic is posted and they can access the discussion board from any computer or mobile device. Online discussion boards can range in the duration from days, weeks or months.

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Why GroupQuality® Agile Discussion Boards?

  1. Recruitment to engagement in hours not days or weeks.
  2. Includes a free survey tool to use with your discussions.
  3. Engage feedback with hard to reach and time-challenged people.
  4. Provides participants with the time to really think about the responses given.
  5. Text, images or video and audio recorded comments.
  6. Testing of images using GroupQuality hotspots and filter the results.
  7. Supports exploration of topics and changes in direction.
  8. Time and travel savings for a business or research team.
  9. Ability to share different forms of media (images, concepts, video).
  10. Filter reports by topic, participant, tags and search for key words
  11. Transcripts of the discussion are immediately available for download.
  12. Make notes and add tags to help you analyse the transcript.
  13. Create private, open or anonymous group discussions.
  14. Invite observers to review the discussion as it progresses.
  15. Automatic scheduling of boards, topics and plans.

Easy to use tools to help you manage the discussion.

GroupQuality’s online discussion boards enable you to manage the comments of a larger number of people. Our secure online discussion environment facilitates the capture qualitative feedback, opinions, and top-line reactions for any topic. A moderator can change the direction of the conversation during the discussion and quickly explore new opportunities as they arise. Online discussions provide market research flexibility and are suited to conducting qualitative research with 20 or 200 participants.

With GroupQuality® integrated all-in-one insights platform you can also combine GroupQuality® online surveys within discussion topics to utilise the best of both online qualitative and online quantitative data collection.

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How GroupQuality® agile discussion boards are used!

GroupQuality online discussion board reporting
  • Pop-up community engagement
  • Testing new products and concepts
  • Measuring the health of the brand
  • Customer co-creation and ideation
  • Facilitating regular service feedback
  • Anonymous and sensitive conversations
  • Measuring employee engagement
  • Customer user group meetings
  • Regular expert community panels
  • Project group evaluation & discussions
  • Bulletin board focus groups (BBFG)
  • Capturing group knowledge
  • Private 1-on-1 online consumer diaries
  • And so much more…

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