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Market Research Support

It is easy to tap into our knowledge, expertise and agile Insights Support Services. We are experts in agile online data collection and consulting. We work with you as part of your extended team, whether you need agile customer feedback, or advertising testing & validation out agile approach to market and social research will get your project up and running in days.

GroupQuality knowledge, tools and expertise is focused on helping you Co-create with a consumer target market to achieve your consumer insight or market research objectives quickly and effectively. Find out more about our full service agile consumer & market research services >>.

Data Insights Support

Data analytics can tell you a story about how people behave when faced with choices and decisions. How likely are they to purchase again in the future? How will the decisions people make in the past effect the choices they make in the future? Where do we need to focus our attention and resources? How do people feel about the brand, service or product offering?

There could be a shocking story waiting to be revealed if you know how to ask the right questions. We take your data and run it through our analysis methodology to find the answers you are looking for today. Find out more about GroupQuality data analytics support services.

Premium support for online Audio & Video Focus Groups

We help you organise your video focus group or interview by managing email invitations and onboarding with GroupQuality technology, and we go beyond that. We prepare video recipients by ensuring they can use their cameras and are ready for video and audio sessions and by providing the technical troubleshooting where necessary. Participants are supported in entering the video session for the roll call before the Moderator is ready to begin.

How much does this kind of support cost?

We charge a project setup fee of $150 + GST and a participant management fee equivalent of $50 + GST per participant whether you are running focus groups or one on one interviews. (Includes video and audio files).
Additional fees apply for other services. Find out more about video and Audio zoom support service> >

Qualitative Participant Recruitment from *$95 each

Our Australian audience panel follows the strictest levels of quality assurance and employs all the required checks and balances to maintain a high level of ISO 20252 certification. These research participants are made up of individuals who have agreed to take part in online research.

GroupQuality software subscribers can request a participant recruitment quote at any time. To find out more about how we recruit quality controlled participants for online insight projects for only *$95 per participant go to our participant recruitment service section for all the details > >

Market Research Software Training & Support Services

Even though your GroupQuality account comes with access to the online tutorials in our support centre, we also offer online training to help you come up to speed quickly. Our aim is to get you to a position where you can confidently create and run your own online customer feedback or insights projects.

You may choose to partner with us so that we can help you with your research planning, survey scripting, and discussion guide creation. Once we have created your insights project within your active GroupQuality account you are free to reuse the information for the duration or your software subscription. All you need to do is Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Market Research Support & Social Research Support Testimonials

We’ve found Group Quality’s services to be an excellent and extremely cost-efficient way of conducting qualitative research for our clients. We’ve been really impressed with how flexible and customisable the GQ system is — and our clients have been really happy with the insights we’ve been able to gain on their behalf to inform their communications and campaigns.

I’ve found GQ’s approach to hold a stack of advantages over traditional focus groups in ease of use, in cost, in reporting, and in service. The customer service has been outstanding and responsive. Anil Lambert

Director, Horton Advisory

I have used GroupQuality discussion boards to facilitate several online discussions. Their robust and easy-to-use technology really enables my participants to engage in the discussion while providing us with rich feedback and insights. The support system is also great – I’ve found both the staff and online resources at all times to be professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend GroupQuality to other market research professionals. Carol-Anne Moutinho, MBA

Senior Consultant, The Portage Group

I have worked with GroupQuality since early 2012, when we began using their tools to develop our online qualitative offer. We have been impressed with the range of tools available, and their ease of use. The customer service and support from the team at GroupQuality is second to none. Karen Kellard

Director of Qualitative Research, The Social Research Centre

GroupQuality offers all of the functionality needed to run a focus group around your brand/company. I had the pleasure of working with Steven Mallows on the first Paradise Seeker focus group. He was always there to help me and he made sure I utilised all areas of this service. One of the best aspects of this survey platform is the tools you can use to engage your panelists. Having the ability to individually connect and converse with the panelists meant you could encourage them to come back to points they have made and expand on them.

I highly recommend using this company as they offer continual support and make running this kind of market research extremely easy. Karina Wilson

Social Media & Community Manager, Paradise Seeker

In 2013, instinct and reason carried out an evaluation of the market for online qualitative research and engagement tools. GroupQuality came out on top. We have used the GroupQuality platform extensively since. The platform itself is superb. What impresses us most about GroupQuality, however, is the continuous development of the platform and how receptive they are to all our suggestions for improvement in line with the needs of participants and our clients. They are quality by name and quality by nature. Paul Vittles

Former Director, Instinct & Reason

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Some of our market and social research work!

Customer experience and energy product agile insights

GroupQuality was contracted by a data-driven creative agency to use its leading agile online customer experience community discussion to track the customer on-boarding, usage and effectiveness of an energy prepayment product. The research project aimed to obtain direct feedback from a sample of customers and walk in their shoes... read more

Online Survey For Childcare Services

The Client Adventure Patch is a not-for-profit childcare provider, with a strong focus on fun, exploring and imagination. Adventure Patch “…educators create a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We offer multiple care options including long daycare, outside school hours care and vacation care in the greater Hobart... read more

Case Study: Sentiment Text Analysis

The client “TasNetworks is a Tasmanian state-owned corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and businesses through a network of transmission towers, substations and powerlines.” The objective To uncover the sentiment and topic clustering hidden within the verbatim responses collected by the monthly ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Ease... read more

Case Study: Energy industry agile community

The client: “TasNetworks commenced operations on 1 July 2014. It has been formed by a merger between Aurora Energy’s distribution network (the poles and wires) and Transend Networks (the big towers and lines). TasNetworks is a Tasmanian state-owned corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and... read more

Insights from online discussion board saves direct mail campaign

Traditional face-to-face focus groups are regularly used to test creative and direct mail collateral before they are sent for pilot testing. But there is now a faster and more cost effective way of testing marketing collateral without losing any of the quality. A more insightful way of thoroughly testing... read more

Online requirements gathering the smart way

Case Study Background A technology development company needed an easy way of gathering user requirements from the target market for a new application, for parents with children with disabilities. The application would allow parents, carers and people with disabilities themselves to record and share information easily and securely. The... read more

Hybrid website prototyping improves online banking

Background MyState Limited (MYS), a non-operating holding Company, is a diversified financial services group listed on the ASX and provides a broad range of financial services through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, MyState Financial (MSF), an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI) and Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees (TPT), a trustee and wealth management company.... read more

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