GroupQuality’s agile insights value added reseller (VAR) licensing opportunity.

Who is GroupQuality

GroupQuality is Australia’s leading provider of agile enterprise level online real-time qualitative and quantitative insight collection and discovery software as a service.

GroupQuality software helps organisation’s capture feedback, insight or knowledge faster, easier and smarter. The software suite includes, secure online discussion groups, real-time online focus groups, usability testing, interviews and integrated surveys.

Why become a GroupQuality agile insights value added reseller?

There is an ever-increasing demand placed on organisations to ensure products, services and processes are optimally designed to meet the needs of both internal stakeholders and valued customers. A faster paced product development life-cycle and the squeeze of operational budgets is driving the need for more agile insight and knowledge collection. This primary data has to be accessible to provide insights, which not only provides the WHY, but assists in making effective, timely and qualified decisions.

Why Reseller license and not just an annual subscription?

A Reseller software license is required if you want to sell a discussion board or focus group software as a service to a third party researcher / marketer / agency. Typically this would be a situation where you want to sell a discussion board or focus group to a third party and you include your client as a moderator. This type of software use requires a ‘Reseller’ license under agreement with GroupQuality (GQTool Pty Ltd). There are many advantages to this kind of license including the ability to co-brand the application and silo the data by account.

The GroupQuality platform

GroupQuality insight software as a service has been designed to be both platform and market agnostic. From the discovery of market insights, to internal knowledge capture, the software can be applied where there is a need for agile online qualitative and quantitative primary insight collection and knowledge discovery. The increase in the need to understand ‘big data’ and find answers to complex questions means there is an ever-increasing need to find answers and understand HOW insights can be applied to make better decisions!

GroupQuality VAR revenue potential

  1. Software margins from 5% to 30% recurring on subscription year on year (annual subscriptions and % is sales volume dependent).
  2. Unlimited consultancy service opportunities and Software training services.
  3. Closer solutions relationship with divisions within an organisation.
  4. Short software sales cycles.

Professions served with GroupQuality software

  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Customer Insights Team
  • Information Technology
  • User Experience
  • Product Teams
  • Customer Services
  • Corporate Communications
  • Channel Managers
  • Educators & Trainers
  • Health & Well-being
  • Sales and Support
  • Strategy Managers
  • Change Managers

Some uses for GroupQuality’s agile insight software

External uses

  • Primary customer research
  • Product research and validation
  • Website usability testing
  • Customer co-creation & ideation
  • Branding health checks
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Channel discussions and feedback
  • Agile product life-cycle testing
  • Communications testing

Internal uses

  • Project scoping groups
  • Project evaluation discussions
  • Product requirements gathering
  • Private employee discussions
  • Employee feedback
  • Employee exit interviews
  • Internal communications evaluation
  • Brainstorming and idea capture
  • Knowledge capture & discovery

GroupQuality Value Added Reseller Details

Software hosting
  • Maintain hosting environments·    Server updates.
  • Data management.  Backup process.
  • Disaster recovery management.
  • Scaling and load management.
New feature scheduling notifications supplied through system messages.
Software development
  • Updates to the software.
  • Feature scheduling and feedback.
  • Product development in response to market.
  • Customer feedback on usage and activity.
New feature scheduling notifications supplied through system messages.
Second level support
  • Respond to logged support request for technical assistance.
  • Maintain online help centre and update based on new features.
  • Respond to logged participant support requests.
Support centre provides logging and recording of all support requests and resolution. Includes satisfaction monitoring.
  • Provide reseller software training.
  • Customised reseller training in methods and user cases.
Customised training provided at additional cost.
  • Provide resellers with a standardised playbook to assist with the sales process.
  • Answer sales questions logged with sales support.
Support centre provides logging and recording of al support requests and resolution. Includes satisfaction monitoring.
Consulting support
  • Consulting services provided to assist with customer projects at an agreed daily wholesale rate.
  • Consulting provided as a white label services model.
Consulting daily wholesale rate dependent on the skill levels required. Examples of some of our standard consulting packages.
Marketing support
  • Updated presentation templates and collateral.
  • Updates on communications.
Products support
  • Prior notification of product updates and new features.
Business support
  • Access to reseller portal.
  • Business strategy and go to market workshop.
  • Shared business planning.
  • 30% software margins.
Discounting dependant on the amount and level of responsibility taken.
Client relationship
  • Reseller owns the client relationship.
  • Reseller responsible for renewals.
  • Provides first level support.
Second level tech support is provided by GroupQuality through an online support centre.
  • Reseller responsible for helping with lead development.
  • Provides assistance in client familiarisation with the software.
  • Reseller responsible for identifying own consultancy opportunities.
  • Reseller provides feedback and suggestions for updates, product features and integrations.
  • Reseller provides consulting support as is required by the client.
  • Reseller to share marketing plans for software sales.
  • Reseller to provide feedback on marketing collateral to improve sales.
  • Reseller logo within the client’s software administration area.
Restricted to digital information and formats.

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