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Ultimate moderator’s guide: online focus groups.

There are typically two forms of real-time (live) online focus groups: the popular text chat online focus group and the video and audio online focus groups. Chat or text based online focus groups are a great way to start realising the benefits of using online focus groups. they are... read more

Text-Based Qualitative Data to Understand the Voice of the Customer

The “voice of the customer” (sometimes abbreviated as VoC) is a vital measurement for any marketing, sales or customer service activity. Without it you really have no idea if you are driving the business in the right direction. Qualitative data from customer conversations is a goldmine of insight waiting... read more

Case study – Airport website usability focus group

Online website usability testing objective: A new Airport website varied greatly from the existing website in both content and layout so usability testing was essential to ensure that the new design and presentation was intuitive and user-friendly. Testing focus included: content readability, navigation, widgets and tools, meanings of titles... read more

How to stop your new product or service failing

Launching a new product or service without testing the ‘idea’ first is like playing Russian roulette with your marketing budget! When developing a new idea for a product or service your first instinct might be to jump right in and build a prototype or create a working service model.... read more

Online advertising testing validates campaign

Online advertising testing enables businesses, organisations of all sizes to quickly identify and correct potential advertising issues before the final decision is made! Online advertising testing, with a sample of your target audience, improves the accuracy, effectiveness and ROI of your campaign. It does not have to be costly... read more

How to reward online research participation

The most common question we get asked is how do you incentivise (reward) consumers, or participants, who have agreed to take part in an online research project. What do we pay them to maximise the contribution and ensure ongoing engagement? First of all let me say there isn’t any... read more

In-depth one-on-one online interview techniques

When it comes to capturing detailed insights about how particular consumer, employee or individual makes decisions, nothing beats qualitative marketing research. One useful technique for collecting qualitative insights is the online in-depth one-on-one interview. Whether you choose to run a structured online chat based one-on-one interview or a live web cam... read more

Moderating focus groups – the online moderator

It’s easy to be intimidated by the idea of moderating or facilitating research in a focus group setting, but in reality moderation can be as easy as ABC when a focus group is conducted using the Group Quality™ online environment. The Internet has given marketers and researchers a unique... read more

Importance of user experience & usability testing

The investment made in your website’s user experience ultimately determines the success or failure of your online venture. When was the last time you asked yourself if the money you invest in your online channel is effectively converting website visitors into online customers?  A positive online consumer experience will... read more

Problems with online feedback & online market research design

Do you collect feedback or capture consumer insights? Do you pilot test the online insight experience with customers, stakeholders and partners? Failing to test the way your online insights setup with your target audience, before letting it loose on the world, is likely to result in poor data collection... read more

Qualitative versus Quantitative market research

The words “qualitative” and “quantitative” research are used a lot, but what do they really mean? When and why should you consider one over the other? Online Qualitative Market Research Qualitative market research helps you answer the why. It focuses on revealing people’s attitudes, behaviors, values, motivations and lifestyles... read more

Online Surveys & Online Focus Groups Play Together

Anyone who interacts with people understands that human behaviour can some times seem as unpredictable as the weather. But by combining online surveys and online focus groups you can go along way in understanding why people do the things that they do. For a business you might want to... read more

How website usability testing improves ROI

Using the Internet to engage consumers means that your primary measure for a online success should be your ability to convert visitors into customers. There is no doubt that converting website visitors into customers plays a major role in the success or failure of any online business. If you... read more

Agile online market research revitalises a brand

Background: The client has been successfully operating in the home loan broking industry for over 2 decades. Due to shifts in the industry, they were looking to increase their market-share in more profitable markets, however, there were concerns that opportunities were being held back due to the current perceived... read more

VET & workforce real-time online focus groups

Background: A government relations, marketing and advertising consultancy who had been engaged to provide strategic communication advice, key message development and copywriting services for their client with a specific education and training public initiative. Our client was responsible for communicating to stakeholders about national changes to the VET system... read more
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