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How to stop your new product or service failing

Launching a new product or service without testing the ‘idea’ first is like playing Russian roulette with your marketing budget! When developing a new idea for a product or service your first instinct might be to jump right in and build a prototype or... read more

Online advertising testing validates campaign

Online advertising testing enables businesses, organisations of all sizes to quickly identify and correct potential advertising issues before the final decision is made! Online advertising testing, with a sample of your target audience, improves the accuracy,... read more

Importance of user experience & usability testing

The investment made in your website’s user experience ultimately determines the success or failure of your online venture. When was the last time you asked yourself if the money you invest in your online channel is effectively converting website visitors into online... read more

What is a research community discussion board?

A market research community discussion board is the next generation of the old style bulletin boards and includes many of the new features offered by online communities. They enable you to quickly post discussion topics either manually or automatically at a scheduled... read more

Qualitative versus Quantitative market research

The words “qualitative” and “quantitative” research are used a lot, but what do they really mean? When and why should you consider one over the other? Online Qualitative Market Research Qualitative market research helps you answer the why. It focuses on revealing... read more

Online discussion board & online focus groups

A GroupQuality partner, was commissioned by an advertising agency and a state University to conduct online research to gauge the underlying emotions and motivations behind the student decision making process when choosing a university. The objectives of this research... read more

Online Surveys & Online Focus Groups Play Together

Anyone who interacts with people understands that human behaviour can some times seem as unpredictable as the weather. But by combining online surveys and online focus groups you can go along way in understanding why people do the things that they do. For a business... read more
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