6 reasons for Online Focus Groups

Top 6 reasons why you should consider Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups are fast becoming an essential tool in the research toolkit, and for good reason. Online focus groups are a great way to quickly gain insights on product ideas, marketing campaigns, websites and advertising concepts. All this while enjoying the cost-savings and convenience online research methods bring to the table.

Online focus groups are not a replacement for traditional focus groups, however they have definite advantages over traditional face to face methods. As a purchaser of research it is important you know all your options to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your research dollar.

  1. Save time and money — applying to both the researcher and participants, there are no travel, catering, or room hire expenses. There is definitely no commuting time, or worries about participants not showing up due to bad weather.
  2. Breaking down the geographical boundaries – participants can be located anywhere there is a computer and reliable Internet connection. This is ideal for reaching people who are geographically dispersed and unable to travel to attend a face to face focus group.
  3. Anonymity to discuss sensitive topics – in an online text chat focus group participants can enjoy a degree of personal anonymity and are more comfortable discussing subjects in areas such as health, politics, and employee satisfaction.
  4. Everyone has an equal voice – the online environment dramatically reduces the opportunity for individuals to dominate or directly influence other participants, which can often occur in a traditional face to face focus group.
  5. Convenience for stakeholders – clients and stakeholders can engage with the project by observing the action via a private online link to the group without having to leave the comfort of their home or office computer.
  6. Results are available immediately – transcripts of the group discussion and any quantitative data collected during the group, such as polls or surveys, are available immediately – saving you valuable time and money!
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