Agile Market Research Software & Insights Consulting.


Traditional methods of asking questions can be slow, difficult & time consuming. Our agile methods mean faster real-time decisions.


Capturing insights has never been easier. Easier to use & easier to work with. We are iterative, collaborative & insight experts!


Smarter use of time & resources. Engage & understand customers, stakeholders & employees using smarter research & insight.

Australia’s Agile Market Research Software and Insight Consulting Services.

GroupQuality market research online community discussion board tool

Engage with any audience & collect customer insights, employee feedback. Explore ideas, market trends or customer intention by launching an agile insight community discussion board.

GroupQuality market research live online focus group tool

Structured groups & interviews, for research, training or meetings, all while capturing valuable insights. Conduct live chat or webcam focus groups or interviews, usability testing and more!

GroupQuality online market research survey tool

Integrated professional market research survey tool to capture both web & mobile survey responses. Gauge business performance, customer satisfaction, or measure employee engagement.

GroupQuality Captures Qualitative & Quantitative Insights.

Agile market research software tools

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Need affordable, fast and quality insights?



Quickly start engaging with any audience, from consumers to employees & identify attitudes, behaviors & critical feedback!


Pretest and refine advertising concepts. Test digital assets and user perception. Test packaging and product designs.


Validate product and service ideas using customer co-creation, & collaboration without interrupting critical timelines.

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A comprehensive online support centre full of videos, instructions and helpful tips.


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No complicated software to download for either you or your participants.


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The highest level of security and data backup means your insights are safe.

Faster, Easier & Smarter!

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Instinct and resons
Instinct and reason carried out an evaluation of the market for online qualitative research and engagement tools. GroupQuality came out on top. The platform itself is superb… They are quality by name and quality by nature!

Paul Vittles

Instinct & Reason

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